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1. 100 Club

Wargrave CC has its own '100 Club' to help raise funds for club development and give supporters a chance of winning a monthly cash prize. Participants buy an entry or entries in a monthly draw with 50% of the money raised paid out in cash prizes and 50% retained by the club and used for club development. Entry is by standing order and costs £1 per month per number/entry but you can buy as many numbers as you wish. We will also accept annual cheque or cash payment for £12 per entry. The prizes are allocated as follows:

Monthly winner - Obviously the more people playing the bigger the prizes!
Based on 100 members the prizes are below, any more or less members the prize money will be altered accordingly.

Jan - Nov @ £30.00
December £200.00

The easiest way to play is to sign up online through our shop. This gives you the option of buying 1 ticket a month, or 5 tickets each month.

The draw will be carried out on a monthly basis by the club and notices of the winners will be posted on the club website each month, the prize winners will also be contacted directly.

Please support Wargrave CC by joining the '100' Club and good luck!

For more information please contact our 100 club manager Scott Walker

To join please go to this link